Politics or Aqidah

Last night when I accidently watch TV1 program (very rare for me to wacth truly government TV), they were having a forum on the issue regarding the use of words "ALLAH" in Herald Catholic weekly news in Bahasa Melayu. The panelist come from various background. Hj Ayub Abd Rahman Abdullah, former Catholic priest and become one of the heavyweight Islamic activist, Ir Dr. Fuad Teoh, President of Malaysian Chinese Muslim Associates (Macma) and Dr. kamaruddin, A malay scholar.

The session is balanced with the views come from different ethnic but with the same religion and the issue has been brought up with great clarification from the panelist. All three panelist aggreed that tha name of "ALLAH" is not just a name, but it beyond what human could think. More over, looking at the muslim scenario in Malaysia specifically, confussion might happen when other religion tend to use the name of the God as "ALLAH" and subsequently it will affect their believe (since their believe/aqidah in islam also weak). Dr. Kamaruddin also highlighted about the dangerous of plurarisme which have been promoted by non-muslim and some of the "liberal" muslim community as well. when youngers think no different between Islam and other religion, then the could not think about the reality in truly Islam in their live and easily committed to apostacy. This is actually the main agenda of other religions.

Supprisingly, when I turned my TV channel to TV9, hah! they got another forum/debat also at the same time. With all the panelist are malay, which is should be muslim if we consider the Malaysian constitution, but they really focusing on the pure politics rather than the challenges have been put into Islam today (audiance for sure has been spiltted by their nonsense talking). They just continuing talk about the "beautiful" of Malaysian political scenario. What happen in Perak, disloyalty to Sultan, case of elizabeth Wong (which is very wrong since the case still under police investigation), Selangor and their cow.

From there, we can conclude that in the future, Islam in Malaysia will be heavyly supported by Muslim but not Malay (which is truly a good muslim ), while other malay-muslim still keep talking about politics and keeping their fat up.

Ibn Faldan