The truth behind Obama Presidency

It has been a month Obame is sitting under the hot of economical sun. No major impact so far from him either from economical or political changes. With the US economy is more dying and the major conflict between Palestine and Israel still stuck some where in the middle, people are getting lesser believe towards him.

A big hope forwarded by all Muslim ummah onto him also seem to be a waste when his first declare to send down additional 17,000 troopers to Afghanistans and remain to keep silent while looking at how rude the Israelite threatening all the Palestinian people. The hope seems to be just a hope. While Egypt are now try to play as a middle man to declare a ceasefire, still stuck and big probably towards even a failure for the process.

Hope the name given by his father as Barrack Hussein Obama still remind him that he was a Muslim before and he should know the Islam as the religion. Just pray to ALLAH to keep safe the Plestinian from Zionist and one day! we will unite under one single name, ISLAM, to protect our own ummah with even under the name os ISLAM.

Ibn Faldan